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Peter Hernandez is a first generation Mexican-American. He was born and raised in San Benito County, California, by parents who worked the fields, and he grew up in the agricultural community. He bought his first bike after working as a laborer in the Apricots Orchards as a young boy. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic, a love for God, and a deep respect for the American dream and American exceptionalism.

As a small business owner today, Peter understands firsthand the dedication and creativity required for a small business to thrive. And as a Hispanic man, Peter is dedicated to encouraging Hispanic families in the civic and electoral process, and looks forward to serving as their voice and representative in US Congress.

Peter held office as a County Supervisor for San Benito County 2018-2022. He is passionate about restoring representative government as originally intended – local people representing and enriching local communities – as opposed to government serving and enriching itself. During the pandemic shutdowns, Peter stood against the overreaches of the State, believing the local communities should decide for themselves how to best care for and protect their constituents. He worked to keep businesses open, knowing how vital they are to the health of the local economy.

Peter is an America First candidate who stands against the harmful progressive policies of the Biden administration and the current Democrat Congress. He fights for:

LIFE: Strong Families, Parents Rights, Equal Opportunity

LIBERTY: Preserving the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Republic, Public Safety & Rule of Law

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: Strong Economy, Strong Middle Class, Strong Farming Communities & Small Business


To the Migrant Community of District 18,

Our country is living in very difficult times because of the division that has been created by allowing individuals to decide which party best represents their values & principles.

To tell the truth, it is very difficult for a person to find all his ideals represented in one party. For example, Latinos & Latinas can find our ideas of a better immigration system in one party, while the other party respects our fundamental rights as living beings. Nevertheless, both parties are working to build a prosperous economy that allows us to have a decent & well-paying job.

I launched a candidacy to unify minorities from California Congressional District 18 and to see our ethnic groups better represented in U.S. Congress. But also to put an end to the unlimited re-elections of a group of legislators from both parties; those who have had permanent power for decades. That’s why I have now considered the only option we have in District 18 to increase the strength of our minority communities is to support the candidacy of:

Peter Hernandez

Through his work ethic, I’ve seen his vision that seeks to improve the immigration processes for our county. Peter supports a better economic policy that benefits the middle working class & low-income minorities. His work is a constant reflection of his respect for our rights enshrined in the Constitution.


Luis Acevedo-Arreguin
Luis Acevedo-Arreguin
Democrat Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives - California 18th Congressional District
Peter Hernandez is a member of the San Benito County Board of Supervisors. He’s a small business owner who has been a leader in redevelopment of Downtown Hollister. He’s especially strong on knowing how federal mandates impose costs and burdens on local governments and businesses. He would be a dependable vote in Congress in support of traditional business positions.

kevin-dayton supporting peter hernandez for congress
Kevin Dayton
Government Affairs Liaison, Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce

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monterey-county-farm-bureau Endorses Peter Hernandez for Congress Ca district 18
California Parents Union endorses peter hernandez for congress district 18 california
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Monterey GOP Endorses Peter Hernandez for Congress Ca district 18

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